Shichida Child Education Center
The Darmawangsa Square
Lantai 2 unit 36-37
Jl. Darmawangsa VI & IX
Jakarta Selatan 12160
Telpon: +62 21 72780800
SMS / WA: +62 811 994722

AEON Mall BSD City
2nd Floor Unit 225
Jl. BSD Raya Utama
Tangerang 15345
Telpon : +62 21 2916-8131
SMS / WA: +62 878 08008473

Shichida Makassar
Jl.Sultan Alaudin No. 208 E-F
Sulawesi Selatan 90221
Telpon : +62 411 881-131

About The Shichida Method

Shichida Method

The Shichida Method is centered on right brain education. However, the Shichida Method also promotes whole brain education by developing the right brain and then connecting it to the left brain, therefore, allowing both sides of the brain to work together in balance.

Many extraordinary abilities in a child would be unfolded by developing the right brain, such as:

  • Photographic memory ability
  • Perfect pitch music ability
  • Multiple languages ability
  • Computer-like calculation ability
  • Image ability
  • Superb Intuition ability

In addition, the Shichida Method teaches foundation of child rearing which is to love and accept the child. When parents can effectively communicate their love to their children and accept them as they are, the children minds will open up. And when the children minds open up, their innate abilities would be unfolded.

"Parents' love grows the child. Without love, the large potential in human beings cannot grow.'

Professor Makoto Shichida.