Shichida Child Education Center
The Darmawangsa Square
Lantai 2 unit 36-37
Jl. Darmawangsa VI & IX
Jakarta Selatan 12160
Telpon: +62 21 72780800
SMS / WA: +62 811 994722

AEON Mall BSD City
2nd Floor Unit 225
Jl. BSD Raya Utama
Tangerang 15345
Telpon : +62 21 2916-8131
SMS / WA: +62 878 08008473

Shichida Makassar
Jl.Sultan Alaudin No. 208 E-F
Sulawesi Selatan 90221
Telpon : +62 411 881-131

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications of your instructors?

Our instructors are certified by the Shichida Educational Institute of Japan. All of the instructors at Shichida Child Education Center Indonesia went through a formal training in Japan and have passed the proficiency exams given by the Shichida Educational Institute in Japan.

Why must a parent attend the class?

At Shichida, we are centered at nurturing the child's heart. By attending the class with your child, you are creating a stress free learning environment and thus opening up your child's heart. When a child's heart is opened up, he/she can learn easily and happily. Furthermore, parent needs to utilize the exercises showed in class at home to achieve the best possible brain stimulation.

Can I send my nanny to your class?

No. We do not allow a nanny to attend the class. The Shichida Method can only be successfully achieved with full participation of the parents. Attending the class with your child is necessary to create a stress free learning environment. In addition, a mother's love is different than a somewhat nanny's attention.

My child has already enrolled in a school.

The Shichida Method is not a substitute for a formal school. Our program is designed as an extra activity outside school.

Do you offer a trial class?

No. A trial class would divert the focus of students attending the class. The reason is that you might be watching our students at one time only, but when there are a few people coming and going through out the day, this could add up to a lot of people in a day. And not only this fact will distract the students by diverting their attention it will create a chaotic learning environment.

When can I see the result of Shichida Method?

Shichida Method is a continuous education process that requires a commitment from parents. Attending the class once a week is barely enough to bring out the child's innate abilities. Continuous exercises at home and having a good parent-child relationship are needed to achieve a balance brain function.

I do not speak Japanese but I want to enroll my child in Japanese class?

Unfortunately Japanese classes are strictly for Japanese. Exception can be made for those of other nationality who are fluent in Japanese. It is important that those enrolled, speak and understand the language in order for the lesson to be effective.

When does a term start?

A term starts on January, April, July and October of that calendar year.