Shichida Child Education Center
The Darmawangsa Square
Lantai 2 unit 36-37
Jl. Darmawangsa VI & IX
Jakarta Selatan 12160
Telpon: +62 21 72780800
SMS / WA: +62 811 994722

AEON Mall BSD City
2nd Floor Unit 225
Jl. BSD Raya Utama
Tangerang 15345
Telpon : +62 21 2916-8131
SMS / WA: +62 878 08008473

Shichida Makassar
Jl.Sultan Alaudin No. 208 E-F
Sulawesi Selatan 90221
Telpon : +62 411 881-131

A Word from the Director

Finally, the right brain-based education with the Shichida Method has started here in Jakarta . We are offering Japanese programs for Japanese children as well as Indonesian programs and English programs for other nationalities.

Today, the interest in early child education is getting bigger in Jakarta. However, the right brain-based education with the Shichida Method is a first attempt in this country. It has been said that the 21st century is "the Era of Heart and Spirituality". The era has come in which many people become aware of the unknown, invisible world and phenomena that are told to be impossible to be proven, and be enlightened.

I deeply appreciate being involved in the child education with the Shichida Method that could established the era with full of hope, and at the same time I am bracing myself to be aware of the gravity of my mission.

Hiroko Moein