Shichida Child Education Center
The Darmawangsa Square
Lantai 2 unit 36-37
Jl. Darmawangsa VI & IX
Jakarta Selatan 12160
Telpon: +62 21 72780800
SMS / WA: +62 811 994722

AEON Mall BSD City
2nd Floor Unit 225
Jl. BSD Raya Utama
Tangerang 15345
Telpon : +62 21 2916-8131
SMS / WA: +62 878 08008473

Shichida Makassar
Jl.Sultan Alaudin No. 208 E-F
Sulawesi Selatan 90221
Telpon : +62 411 881-131

The Shichida Education

The Shichida Method Education

Stages in the Shichida Method education:

  • Age womb-0 is The Infinity Period (infinity stage).
  • Age 0-3 is The Right Brain Period (genius stage).
  • Age 3-6 is The Transition Period (right brain dominance shift to the left brain).
  • Age > 6 is The Left Brain Period.

Traditional education (Left brain education):

  • Age 0 is the stage where no information can be absorbed.
  • Age 1-6 is the stage where a little information can be absorbed.
  • Age > 6 is the stage where most information can be absorbed.

We need to realize that a child's extraordinary ability diminishes without proper stimulation and that the first six years of a child's life are absolutely the most fertile years for learning.

"A child's innate ability diminishes if it is not stimulated."

The Law of Diminishing Ability